African Quartz Photovoltaic

African Quartz Photovoltaic intends to establish a Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Plant, which consist of various stations including the raw material preparation, string & layup, interconnection & monitoring, lamination, framing and testing. This Greenfields project will be linked to the Riemvasmaak Quartz Mine and the Submerged ARC Furnace where the SiO2 is beneficiated to silicon. Silicon is used to manufacture Thin film, Mono-crystalline silicon and Multi-crystalline panels.

As a vertically integrated company across the supply chain for the raw quartz to the end user product, African Quartz can capture more value and to mitigate the inherent risks of the supply chain. It is crucial to strengthen vertical integration with multinational companies in the USA and EU and to build strong partnerships with others in the value chain. The mineral beneficiation, high value micro technology and the world class component solar manufacturing could strengthen the position to make the Upington SEZ the Silicon Corridor of Africa. The 1.2 GW PV Module Production Line provides a complete solution for the PV Module Manufacturing, where the plant will operate a three shift of eight hours for 330 days per year. The focus of the products is to provide a lower price off-the-grid alternative energy supply to households, businesses and other institutions. The diagram illustrates a production line for 300MW which can produce 138 PV Modules.